m-am trezit la 4.20 si n-am mai putut sa dorm. la ora 7.28 ma voi urca in autobuzul 92 care leaga de solitude de stuttgart. de acolo ma voi intoarce catre solitude in acelasi autobuz si tot asa pina la 7 seara, pina cind voi epuiza toate plecarile si venirile din mine. pe post de mic dejun am mincat o conserva cu smochine.

Betwist and Between

durational performance

I’m always in-between. In-between two actions, in-between projects, in-between relationships, in-between meetings, in-between jobs. I climb stairs, I jump from rooftop to rooftop, I cross tunnels, I put people togheter, I swing from ropes, I jump for bonus little stars like a character from the videogame  SuperMario. Wherever I am, I’am already preparing the next departure.


92 bus connects the Solitude bubble with the real world. I will spend the last day of my residency travelling back and forth between Schloss Solitude and Stuttgart reading the book Non-Places by Marc Auge taking different seats on the 92 bus. Like shopping malls or airports, buses are also non places, shifting limbos where we are spending too many ours of our lives, travelling joyfully or running away. Like the sea, which doesn’t remember the bodies of its swimers, nobody is remembering the bus commuters.

You can find me on Friday, 28th July, 7.28 – 19.02, in the bus 92 travelling back and forth between Rotebühlplatz and Solitude.