ieri am trimis, in sfirsit, urmatorul mail catre cei din solitude, ceea ce a insemnat ca marea parte a pregatirilor s-a terminat. au fost niste zile destul de stresante, in care studioul s-a transformat intr-un birou. de obicei, cu exceptia scrierii aplicatiilor, nu simt cind muncesc, dar pregatirea unui festival in alta tara, desi nu e ceva foarte dificil, necesita totusi ceva efort si eficienta. in continuare, sint surprins cum o idee din 2008 a devenit un concept si un format. practic, din decembrie extind cu incapatinare sclipirea de atunci. 

dear staff and fellows,

the moment has arrived
some of you already have heard rumours
some of you are already involved
it’s time to enter into the domestic box!
lorgennale, the performance festival which takes place exclusively in the flats and houses of stuttgart will start soon (24th May – 28th May).
you can find more info about program, shows and registration here (I’ve spent the whole morning updating it):
due the small intimate spaces for these domestic performances we cannot offer more than 15-25 seats per event, so I kindly ask you to register for no more than 3 events. you have 24 hours to register from the time of this email – aftewards we’re gonna make it public and the seats will dissapear like magic.
in the attachment you can find all the links.
after every registering you’ll get a reply with the adresses of the events.
bon appetite for stuttgart homemade culture,


the closing event of lorgennale will be held at anita’s place, the headquarter of the festival. please write me back if you want to join.