acum o saptamina, in osijek, experimentam, intr-un performance al unei artiste din guatemala, maria adela diaz, o parte din oribila experienta a refugiatilor imbarcati pe vase improprii, in incercarile disperate de a fugi de razboi sau saracie. nu cred ca ei isi fac poze de grup cind ajung pe pamint sau cine stie, poate ca exista si selfie-ul de siguranta, care le arata alor tai ca ai ajuns cu bine undeva.


For nearly two decades Guatemala native and international performance artist Maria Adela Diaz has used her body but also other media as video and installations to raise objections to patriarchal values, political deception and discriminatory ideology aiming to seduce and provoke the observer within unexpected, everyday contexts. Unlike her former performances, in which her body served as the main medium of resistance, in the In Transit performance, the artist has also included other participants.

“Thousands of migrants from across the world die or get killed trying to cross borders on the search for a better life. I am questioning about the action of risking your own life. The political implications of what represents for humanity the action of trespassing other territories risking our lives and the lives of our families across the globe.”   (M.A. Diaz)