e minunat sa fiu din nou acasa! where I can feel free to fart si unde oamenii ma iau in brate de bucurie ca ma vad.


pe drum mi-a fost tot timpul teama sa nu se intimple ceva si sa nu mai ajung la solitude. intre timp, comunitatea s-a marit cu un baietel, Milan, copilul Schloss-ului, in timp ce alti oameni au plecat si n-o sa-i mai intilnesc niciodata. printre putinele lucruri pe care mi le-a adus plecarea  a fost si putina detasare. sper sa functioneze pentru ultimele 12 zile ramase aici.


in dimineata asta, inainte de a ma reapuca de lucru, si am enorm de multe lucruri de facut, am recitit o poezie scrisa de chandrahas in care preamareste, in stilul caracteristic, momentele de fotbal, deja intrate in amintire:

Pounding blood in brain driving a d-d-dance in space

Flashing point of focus, like memories tumbling through time

War by other means — but also love and passion

Backyard scrum — but on that on a humble patch of grass
was the image and dream of the United Nations.
Swinging foot meeting earth and globe
— and above, past truant knees and flailing arms
that other globe, plunged into pleasure and panic,
shorn of past and future, living only in the moment.
On the day of the thunderstorm, running on to a pass
I slid and landed on what I was trying to trap
Well, never before had I found such a place of peace.
Across the fence, in the meadow, stood the old horses
Patiently grazing, they were waiting just to die.