You’re an artist and that means: you’re a dreamer, you’re a clown. That is what some people think. It’s a great excuse for not paying any attention to all the thoughts you have. So what happens is that you, as an artist, put ideas into projects that others will show in their museum, in their Kunsthalle, in their exhibition space, in their gallery. So you are a thinker. You develop reflections nobody really cares about. You take intellectual risks. You speculate about artistic problems, you critically kick ass. You’re a transcender. You cannot put all your research efforts into one kind of artistic problems. So you interdisciplinarize your reflection. You link the reflections you make. You would say it differently. I know. You say you work within the framework of cultural studies. Within which all over the world you have many buddies. You are a video maker, but also a writer. You have a magazine, you’re an editor, but you also organize conferences. You make videos of interviews with intellectuals. You organize a conference when you present a journal, you insert video stills of interviews with intellectuals in your journal, you organize conferences and you’re the host. You’re part of this little think tank, you walk around at your conference, you talk to people and ask if they want to contribute to your reader, you’re an editor and co-editor, you’re a research coordinator and co-coordinator, you co-edit and coordinate all the time. You want your readers to attend your lectures, you want your conference participants to read your texts, you invite those who contribute to your reader to come to your conference, you make installations with interview videos. You meet people in order to interview them and you interview people in order to meet them. (dieter lesage) se continua aici