day 1: how to start/work in a collective recidency

1. Everyone is spectator and performer in the same time.
2. Working with no frames is confining/limitation.
3. Enjoy washing dishes of the others.
4. The most advantegeus person is the one who knows less.
5. there is always a differenc e between what we say that we do, what we do and what we think that we did.

day 2: time

1. We always dream about a moment when we can take all the actions wherefore we hadn’t time to do it. Most of us we’ll never catch this moment.
2. Timezone is a funny topic to start a conversation with a stranger.
3. There are no proffesionals in time business. Maybe prisoners for life.
4. Almost all of the of the modern devices have timers.
5. Time of the last day is the shortest.